Instituto Superior Técnico

Direção Académica


Técnico Lisboa, as an Engineering, Science and Technology school promotes a high level of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs supported by a highly qualified faculty and sustainable  and high standards of technological research. There are some programs developed in cooperation with others world higher standard schools, namely, MIT, CMU, UT Austin and EPFL. Some of these programs confers a double degree.

1st, 2nd cycles and Integrated Masters

The Academic Services of the two campi (Alameda and Taguspark) are responsible for all the academic and administrative issues managing each academic process of students of the 1st and 2nd cycles, including the Integrated Masters.
Specifically the Academic Services proceeds to enrollment, registration and grade records and certification of studies. Additionally all financial details are managed at these services, namely by assuring the control of all fee and tax payments.
Masters Dissertations are validated in what concerns to deadlines and format presentation.
Finally, the academic services of the two campi facilitates communication with students and prospective students by using different channels as email, telephone, presencial attendance and the site of each unit where critical information and all forms required for presentation of requests of official academic information are available.

3rd Cycle

Post graduation and Vocational Training has its core activity under the 3rd cycle of studies Programs, namely in what concerns to the management of administrative and academic processes of students enrolled in Doctoral Programs and Advanced Programs. Additionally all the administrative procedures of other academic degrees conferred under the faculty and research career take place at this office.
Doctoral Thesis are validated in what concerns to deadlines, format presentation and the logistic of PhD examination is prepared by the team of this unit.