Instituto Superior Técnico

Direção Académica

Academic Services

The Academic Services of Técnico Lisboa depends directly on IST’s Governing Board and should ensure regularity in management of academic processes in tertiary education, from admission to completion and respective certification.

The (DA) is a structural component that organizes its academic units in an integrated manner, by ensuring compliance with the guidelines from IST’s Governing and the Scientific Boards. It is also responsible for ensuring that all norms and procedures arising out of internal regulations or norms established by legislation applicable to Higher Education are implemented.

It cooperates with the Pedagogical Council of Técnico Lisboa in systematic actions of an institution’s day life, in particular schedule management and exam scheduling, in addition to other initiatives that are aimed at addressing school dropout and promoting a successful integration of students during their academic life, in particular the tutoring project developed by the Tutoring Office, GATu.

It is also important to note that the Academic Division directly runs international partnerships in strict cooperation with the International Affairs Area of IST, by ensuring the procedural harmonization of each collaboration, in view of a large number of mobility programmes and co-partnerships.